EDA has changed the way applications communicate, and made database-centric approaches passé – the golden source is now “on the wire”, moving at the speed of business, and applications broadcast and indicate interest in information using the publish/subscribe exchange pattern.

In this talk, Aaron will discuss approaches to implementing publish/subscribe, and how different brokers handle distribution, filtration, and scaling. He will focus on how Apacke Kafka and Solace PubSub+ Event Broker implement topics and partitions, how they’re used to route data, how you and filter streams of data, and how to horizontally scale applications.

Topics and Partitions


Aaron Lee

Aaron Lee

Principal Developer Advocate


Based in Singapore, Aaron is a developer advocate at Solace. He enjoys coding demos, making videos, running workshops – and writing blog posts when he must. He will happily discuss event-driven architecture, microservices, networking protocols, application design, monitoring, time-series data, and visualization frameworks for as long as you’ll listen.