A virtual summit devoted to the advancement of event-driven architecture in business.

EDA Summit is the event for business leaders, architects, and technologists who want to learn about and implement event-driven architecture.​

Wherever you are in your EDA knowledge and journey, EDA Summit will get you to the next level.

The third annual EDA Summit had over 6,000 registrants and featured over 60 unique sessions related to EDA implementation and solutions that make it easier. The virtual conference consisted of sessions dedicated to technical leadership and case study discussions, architect-specific challenges and solutions, and even product demos for developers.

Presenters included leaders of EDA adopters like Dell Technologies, JP Morgan Chase & Co., F5, TELUS Health, Citi, and TAB Bank, as well as solution providers like Solace, AWS, Boomi, Dynatrace, VMware and more.

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The second EDA Summit virtual conference served up over four dozen talks including compelling case studies and three tracks full of educational sessions, roundtables and workshops that gave architects and developers the unique information and insights they need to design and build world-class event-driven systems and applications.

Presenters included representatives of Citi, Drax Energy, Kroger, Macquarie, Novartis, Richemont, Roche and Singtel, plus solution providers like Apigee, AWS, Boomi, Google, Red Hat, SAP, Software AG, Solace and VMware.

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On May 19, 2021 EDA experts from around the globe signed into our inaugural virtual conference to learn how to overcome challenges associated with implementing EDA, hear success stories that illustrate how other enterprises like theirs are using EDA to accelerate digital transformation, and pick up tips and tricks for effectively planning and undertaking event-driven journeys.

Participants heard leaders from companies like FAA, Google Cloud Platform, IKEA, Slack and Unilever talk about their experience implementing event-driven architecture, and from the leading providers of technology it takes to successfully implement EDA.

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EDA Summit Series complements our annual conference by featuring EDA experts in free educational webinars throughout the year. Presenters include industry analysts, solution providers, and practitioners who are designing, building and operating event-driven applications and systems.​

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Learn how to overcome the design challenges you’re likely to face when designing, implementing and scaling event-driven systems.
Supercharge Event Modeling by Making it Outcome-driven and Introducing Contexts
Event modeling is an extremely powerful design/development approach that can reduce risk and delivery time by tweaking the workflow and introducing context. Noordhoek will explain how combining event sourcing (ES) with command and query responsibility segration (CQRS) with event lets you take a knowledge-based approach that eliminates the need for endless iterations and unknown unknowns. …

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Learn best practices and proven techniques for more efficiently building event-driven applications with superior resilience, responsiveness and reusability.
Monitoring a Plant Using PubSub+, Raspberry Pi and Flutter
When Singh started to neglect a plant he’d been taking care of, he decided to build a system that would measures soil moisture and let him know when it was time to water it. In this talk, Singh will explain how he used a Raspberry Pi, an app built with Flutter, MQTT and PubSub+ Event …

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EDA Case Studies

Hear companies who’ve “been there, done that” explain the goals that set them on the path to EDA, the challenges they faced along the way, and how EDA has helped them meet their digital transformation goals.
The dell.com EDA Journey and What Books Won't Tell You
This talk will give you a different perspective on EDA adoption, focusing on the difficult business and technology questions that need to be addressed to successfully build and maintain a case for it. The discussion will use the context of how Dell Technologies employs EDA to enable the online commerce customer experience at dell.com leveraging …

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Technical Leaders

Learn about the strategic challenges, advantages and bottom line business benefits of embracing EDA, including how to overcome not just technical but political and financial hurdles.
Adopting AsyncAPI in Enterprise Contexts
When working on API enablement projects in an enterprise context, the team inevitably comes to the point where new technologies and specifications need to be introduced. But how does one deal with this situa-tion in concrete terms? How many experiments are possible? How do you put the brakes on the emerging best practice euphoria? In …

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