When applying a microservices architecture, a lot of communication is done over the network. For better resilience and flexibility, this communication should happen asynchronously and in a loosely coupled manner. In this session, Rebekah Kulidzan will explore some fundamental integration and conversation patterns and connect them to real-world use cases (which aren’t only microservices). Follow along to learn how end-user clients can communicate using synchronous APIs whilst still taking advantage of asynchronous communication for processing under the hood.


Rebekah Kulidzan

Rebekah Kulidzan

Solutions Architect

Amazon Web Services

Rebekah is a Solutions Architect in the UK&I Public Sector team at Amazon Web Services (AWS), Public Speaker, and Mental Health Advocate. Rebekah is a member of AWS’ Serverless Community and has a strong interest in microservices architectures and event-driven design. Alongside her career, Rebekah created a Twitter Spaces series called #TechTable where she interviewed some of her favourite people in tech on topics from cloud computing to open source and learning to developer relations. In 2020, Rebekah switched careers and writes about her career journey and interests on rkulidzan.com.