How do you achieve agility and efficiency in today’s fast-paced world? The answer lies in EDA and leveraging the power of reusable events. A well-defined topic hierarchy can unlock the true potential of reusable events, and is the basis for compelling use cases empowered by EDA. Join Ben as he discusses the power of reusable events using Solace’s dynamic topic hierarchy. With examples straight from Ben’s former employer and long-term Solace customer, Schwarz IT (Lidl and Kaufland), this presentation will showcase how Solace’s dynamic topics can help retailers become more agile and efficient, reducing complexity and facilitating collaboration.

The Power of Reusing Events


Benjamin Gottstein

Benjamin Gottstein

Sales Engineer


Ben is a Sales Engineer at Solace, helping enterprises to gain benefits by implementing real-time data use cases with Event Driven Architecture. He has over 10 years experience in enterprise wide real-time, asynchronous system integration. Before joining Solace Ben worked in different positions within the Platform Integration unit for Europes largest retailer the Schwarz Group (Lidl & Kaufland).