Steve Wood, VP of Product at Slack, outlines his perspective on the need for humans in event-driven architecture at EDA Summit 2021.

He believes that human-led EDA is needed to truly realize its potential and empower both organizations and individuals. In three distinct sections, Steve addresses:

• The role of the best-of-breed software model in driving the proliferation of non-stop events from systems and people;
• The need for scaled human interaction in response to these events so as to enable real-time actions and problem-solving; and,
• How we can empower humans to turn noise into productivity by creating an engagement layer that manages the intersection of system events and people events, creating the event-driven enterprise

Throughout the session Steve also references several examples of human-led EDA in practice at orgs across a variety of industries – offering those companies complete visibility, in real time, of everything happening in their business.

“Often when we think of EDA in the middleware system sense, we don’t really think of the human aspect of EDA. We think of events from IoT, system-system work, banking, finance… etc. But some of these event need human attention.”


Steve Wood

Steve Wood

VP of Product, Developer Platform