Event modeling is an extremely powerful design/development approach that can reduce risk and delivery time by tweaking the workflow and introducing context. Noordhoek will explain how combining event sourcing (ES) with command and query responsibility segration (CQRS) with event lets you take a knowledge-based approach that eliminates the need for endless iterations and unknown unknowns. We learn how we can make events the center point of every decision in our system. Discover bottleneck around who owns (is the actor) behind an event.
If you’re open to being challenged in your current workflow, attend this thought-provoking talk in which Noordhoek will provide architects using CQRS + ES with a modeling workflow that will challenge agile workflows and promote stakeholder involvement.

Supercharge Event Modeling by Making it Outcome-driven and Introducing Contexts


Arjan Noordhoek

Arjan Noordhoek


EBD Connect Ltd

Based in a little town just North of Auckland, New Zealand, Arjan Noordhoek is a veteran in software development. From multi-national to a fast scaling start-up, in roles from Enterprise Architect to machine language developer, he has been there. A central component in all of his experiences has been a love of simplifying complexity by finding the roots of a problem domain and translate these into a solution. Event & Model driven development has been part of this journey for the last 20 years and he loves the fact that he can now share his expertise.