Streaming and eventing are two architectural styles based on EDA. They both let you build asynchronous, scalable, and decoupled applications, but there are a few key differences in their approaches. In the first half of this talk, Dhanushka will compare and contrast eventing and streaming across a few dimensions, including event delivery semantics, retention, selective event subscription, and processing patterns, along with real-world use cases for each.

While streaming and eventing have their differences, they can co-exist to fill each other’s gaps, enabling you to build even better solutions by combining them. In the second half of his talk, Dhanushka will discuss a practical use case related to IoT data processing by leveraging Solace PubSub+ as an eventing system and Redpanda as a streaming data platform.

Streaming vs Eventing: Differences and Co-existence


Dunith Dhanushka

Dunith Dhanushka

Senior Developer Advocate

Redpanda Data

Dunith is an avid fan of designing, building, and operating real-time event-driven architectures at scale. He's got 10+ years of doing so and loves to share his learnings through blogging, videos, and public speaking. Dunith currently works at Redpanda as a Senior Developer Advocate, where he spends much time educating developers about building event-driven applications with Redpanda.