There are many fantastic advantages to streaming events, but if you are not also storing events at the source of the application, you are missing out on many opportunities for your developer teams and the business. In this talk, Lorphelin will examine the data model that emerged from event sourcing, as supported by technologies like EventStoreDB, and how this kind of database is perfect for building modern software and integrations.

Streaming Events? Store Them at the Source Too


Yves Lorphelin

Yves Lorphelin

Head of Developer Advocacy & Consulting

EventStore Ltd.

Yves is Head of Developer Advocacy & Consultancy at Event Store and helps customers and users reap the benefits of Event Sourcing and EventStoreDB. He worked in all kind of domains: banking, leasing, logistics, Healthcare, HR recruitment, building new systems, replacing legacy, integrating systems., always focusing on finding and solving the actual problems that businesses want to solve with their IT systems.