A new wave of “always-on” communications has emerged and Companies that want to succeed in the world of online business will need to rethink the way they design, implement, and manage their APIs and the networks upon which these new “real-time” APIs run.

Twenty years ago two enterprising engineers worked out a way to remotely monitor oil pipelines over the Internet. Ten years later, one of those engineers decided to use the same technology to put his cottage in the Isle of Wight onto Twitter. Now, the technology that launched the IoT revolution — MQTT — is everywhere, enabling everything from power plants to self-driving cars to toasters.

The Internet of Things was born in an age of economic and social disruption. Now, as we face new disruptions and social upheaval, we may be at the start of a new era in APIs. One that not only connects things, but also people, companies, and communities around the world.

This lively talk from EDA Summit 2021 traces the history of the Internet of Things (IoT) and how it is changing the way companies of all sizes think about APIs today and the digital industries of the future those real-time APIs enable.


Mike Amundsen

Mike Amundsen

Internationally Known Author and Speaker