Building trading platforms is easy, but making them fast, flexible, robust, and scalable is exceedingly difficult. In this talk, Shah will explain how 28Stone uses EDA and Solace to accelerate time to market when building such platforms for the FinTech industry, enhance developer productivity, and give the platforms they build superior performance, resilience, and scalability. He will discuss how they have optimized and hardened their architecture and patterns over several live deployments, and proven their ability to adapt to new asset classes and trading modalities. Finally, he’ll present a set of guiding principles and patterns they apply to platforms.

Principles and Guidelines of Electronic Trading Systems Architecture


Apu Shah

Apu Shah


28Stone Consulting

Apu Shah is a partner at 28Stone Consulting. He has over 2 decades of experience in the FinTech space and has been pivotal in architecting and launching a number of products that currently serve the financial services industry, across asset classes, globally.