When compared to traditional monolithic systems, distributed systems present new challenges related to business transactions because the atomicity of state changes can no longer be contained within a single database or service (think ACID). In this talk, Slobodkin will help you understand how to use the Saga design pattern to introduce a greater level of reliability and decoupling to event-driven systems, and implement a solution for business transactions which maintains data consistency.

Moving from Monolithic Transactions to Distributed Sagas in EDA


Israel Slobodkin

Israel Slobodkin

Senior Cloud Solution Developer


Israel works within Avanade’s Application Architecture Center of Excellence team helping clients in modernization efforts. He specializes in helping clients transform and walk through their modernization journeys from legacy to modern architectures. This often includes introducing event-driven architectural approaches, domain-driven design and cloud-first concepts. Avanade is a subsidiary of Accenture and focuses on all technology related to Microsoft and Azure.