Embarking on the journey of migrating from a monolithic solution to an Event Driven Architecture (EDA) can be a daunting task. In this talk you’ll gain insights into techniques that you can apply to your own migrations, based on a walk through of a practical example containing learnings from a real customer journey. You’ll see details of the solutions implemented to common challenges, such as race conditions, latency concerns for a high performance system and migration from a monolithic database to microservice based databases. For this practical example, the resulting architecture was built with .NET 6 Containers running on Kubernetes using AWS SNS and SQS for the Messaging and AWS DynamoDB for the Microservice databases.

Monolith to EDA: First Steps


Martyn Kilbryde

Martyn Kilbryde

Principal Software Architect


Martyn Kilbryde is an experienced Principal Software Architect working at D55, an AWS consulting partner specialising in cloud-native and serverless technologies. He has many years of experience working with global highly transactional public-facing applications, specialising in building and delivering large complex systems from scratch. Martyn is also an AWS Ambassador, and a member of the AWS Community Builders program. Spending the days working with multiple clients in all areas of industry, he also spends his spare time digging deeper, exploring technology and sharing that knowledge with the wider community.