Did you know that 70% of Fortune 100, 45 of the world’s top 50 banks, 8 of the top 10 insurers and 7 of the top 10 retailers use mainframes as the backbone of their core business processing? These mainframes run 50B+ transactions a day, 87% of credit card transactions, 29B ATM Transactions and 4B Airline ticketing transactions per year. Over the past few years AWS has invested heavily in building specialized services and a partner ecosystem to help customers migrate, transform and modernize mainframe applications and data to address mainframe application modernization. In this talk Panchomarthi will introduce primary migration and modernization use cases, latest innovations in the AWS Mainframe Modernization service, and the AWS support model through the lens of successful customer transformations. He will also discuss EDA patterns with mainframe applications in integration with cloud.


Rao Panchomarthi

Rao Panchomarthi

Head of Architecture, Mainframe Application Modernization

Amazon Web Services

Rao Leads Mainframe Application Modernization and Migration Architecture for AWS. He works with commercial and government customers to transform legacy mainframe applications by modernizing and migrating to cloud platform. Enabling customers to unlock the business value of their applications through agility, better risk posture at lowest cost. Prior to joining AWS, he was head of archtiecture for JPMC Credit card LOB and has extensive experience in building enterprise applications with distributed and event driven architectures at JPMC.