Implementing EDA is a complicated process, so it is essential to have a well-planned, stepwise approach to migration. One could choose a non-critical business process to start the migration, or test with a less complex scenario. In this case, we chose to intercept REST requests with EDA as an easy entry point.

In this talk, Perera, will explain how to implement an intercepting and logging solution for REST messaging using EDA and the publish/subscribe message exchange pattern. The talk will cover design considerations and implementation details, including the identification of events, the creation of event-driven microservices, and the use of message brokers to handle event communication.

Migrating from Resource-Based to Event-Drive by Intercepting REST with EDA


Susinda Perera

Susinda Perera

Integration Specialist

LINX Cargo Care Group

Susinda is an experienced IT professional with over 10 years of industry experience, having served in various roles including research, development, architecting, and consulting. He is a certified Solace Solutions Consultant and a member of the Solace Developer Community. Susinda is always exploring and researching new technologies and trends.