The number of web and event-driven APIs across the enterprise have increased dramatically in the last decade, leaving organizations struggling to “see” the APIs that are powering the web, mobile, and device applications they depend on.

In this EDA Summit 2021 session, Kin Lane from Postman walks through how three open source specifications have emerged to help enterprise organizations define and map out their infrastructure in a machine readable way that can be used across SaaS services and open source tooling.

He uses the Slack API as an example of how you can use OpenAPI to map your web APIs, and AsyncAPI to map out your event-driven APIs, leveraging JSON Schema to define the objects being passed back and forth as part of API operations.

“API’s aren’t always the easiest to find and use.” Find out how different enterprise organizations are dealing with this and making sense of it all.


Kin Lane

Kin Lane

Chief Evangelist