Dr. Kirke Borne reviews data science and machine learning techniques for discovering patterns and insights in data. He also presents specific examples of this for streaming IoT data, which he calls “Event Science”.

Event Science has nothing to do with online conference events, but has everything to do with maximizing actionable insights discovery and value creation from the massive flows of data into your organization.

Forget about “data at the speed of business”, the goal of Event Science is to help business move at the speed of data. Dr. Borne introduces strategies and methodologies that your organization can use to measure and optimize outcomes in Event-Driven Architectures with Event Science. These include his STELLAR Analytics Scorecard for Analytics Mastery, the “OODA Loop” for Dynamic Data-Driven Application Systems, and an Observability Strategy for Insights-as-a-Service at the Edge.

As an added bonus, you will also learn what the Mars Perseverance Rover has to do with all of this.


Kirk Borne

Kirk Borne

Ph.D. Chief Science Officer