As event streaming and EDA go mainstream, the tools that enable them are evolving and proliferating. There are now dozens of open source and commercial event brokers out there, with different specialties and strengths, so it’s important to pick the right one for each job.

In this talk, McAllister will explain which capabilities are most important for operational use cases (e.g. payment processing, order fulfillment) and analytical use cases (e.g. fraud detection and predictive modeling.)

You will learn how to compare brokers and pick the right one for each situation based on how they handle topics (i.e. dynamic vs. static) and subscriptions, how they work over hybrid- and multi-cloud environments, how they enable distributed tracing, and more.

How to Pick the Right Event Broker for Operational and Analytical Use Cases


Shawn McAllister

Shawn McAllister



Shawn is the CTO at Solace and we have his bio on file Shawn McAllister is responsible for the strategy and delivery of the Solace PubSub+ Event Streaming and Management Platform. He leads a team of incredibly talented engineers and architects in this endeavor.McAllister has worked with many of our clients to help them adopt an event-driven architecture and to learn first-hand their needs as input to the innovation built into the PubSub+ Platform. He has participated in the definition of various OASIS messaging protocol standards, including MQTT 3.1.1, MQTT 5.0, and AMQP1.0.Before joining Solace, McAllister led software, hardware, and test engineering teams at Newbridge Networks (later Alcatel Canada), where he was responsible for developing features on ATM and Ethernet switches as well as the 7750 Multiservice IP Router.McAllister holds a Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, with majors in both Computer Science and Combinatorics/Optimization.