When you need to alert customers about situations that require their attention, EDA is the way to go because it lets you send all kinds of notifications with the same general flow. Need to let a customer know a transaction exceeds a limit they’ve set? No problem. Alert them about suspicious activity that might indicate fraud? EDA can help with that too. In this talk Wild will help you understand why EDA is the easiest and most effective way to send many kinds of notifications to customers.

How EDA Simplifies All Kinds of Customer Notifications


Leo Wild

Leo Wild

VP Enterprise Architect

TAB Bank

Leo Wild is passionate about building quality into systems and finding ways to continuously improve them. He loves the challenge that comes from mentally dissecting processes to effectively eliminate waste. This passion comes from his love for board gaming, a hobby he feels has taught him sound strategies while interacting with fellow friends and gamers from all walks of life. Leo currently serves as VP - Enterprise Architect at TAB Bank in Ogden, Utah, where he has been a fixture for the past 24 years. In his spare time, Leo likes to travel with his wife and spoil his 6