Over these years of my career I had the opportunity to experienced the architecture evolution from monoliths to microservices and most recently I had witnessed how event oriented solutions had became more relevant. During those years, being part of multidisciplinary teams, I had the opportunity to build architecture solutions to solve business needs of different nature, and make technical decisions understanding the trade offs involved. I would like to share some real examples of architectures we created with those teams where we got benefit from the sync”: a REST microservices solution where we used only a little piece of event oriented functionality to improve the end user experience and handle edge scenarios; and a second example of an orchestrated saga solution designed upfront following DDD principles to define the boundaries of each microservice. And finally how in both scenarios the technology choice provided a benefit considering the nature of the business problem.

Getting Benefit From "The Async", From a Circuit Breaker in a REST Architecture to an Orchestrated Saga


Karina Mora

Karina Mora

Technical Principal


Tech Principal Consultant at Thoughtworks, with a 12-year track record in different business contexts playing various roles such as: developer, technical leader, architect and strategic advisor for Technological Initiatives. I am passionate about consulting at the strategy level. I am interested in topics related to security, cloud architectures, and technology platforms. I enjoy blending technology with business, including purpose alignment of technology initiatives to accomplish business strategic objectives, communicating technical details of architecture solutions at different levels of detail, and working closely with business roles to connect technology decisions with business needs and priorities.