EDEKA DIGITAL has implemented a cloud-based event-streaming and management solution for handling master data in its markets and supply chain. In this talk, Haux will explain how this new event based platform helps to distribute master data to stores, data centers and cloud services in real time, and how it merges product details from an ERP system with additional data sources like product images from a previous system, and transmits changes to various target projects.

From Batch to Event Driven


Andrej Haux

Andrej Haux

Product Group Lead


Andrej Haux is a Product Group Lead at EDEKA Digital. Andrej’s mission is to enable and accelerate DevOps Teams by providing innovative and easy to use platforms for software development and integration. Andrej has 20 years of experience in helping companies with integration of applications and partners. He lives in the most beautiful city of Germany in Hamburg and is a married family father of two daughters. In his free time, Andrej likes to climb.