Europe is making a hard turn towards electric mobility. In every country there are several initiatives to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, and improving the way people charge their vehicles in public chargers is one of the key areas of investment. Portugal is using a Hub model, which makes it easier for anyone to charge in all public charging stations, independently of with who they have a contract. Link Consulting won the bid to build the next generation platform for Mobi-e, the Portuguese Electric Mobility Hub, rearchitecting the existing N-tier platform into a new, microservice-based platform, to be able to cope with expected increase in demand, as electric vehicle adoption rises. Come and see how we approached the N-tier to microservice transformation, and how Solace plays a key part in the migration process and delivering scalability and robustness.

From an N-tier to a Microservice-based Architecture to Cope with the Electric Mobility Shift in Europe


Diogo Rodrigues

Diogo Rodrigues

Cloud Service Portfolio Leader

Link Consulting

Currently leading the Cloud Service Portfolio at Link Consulting, and with special interest in microservices, my background is mainly focused on the integration area, with several cloud-native and integration projects in large clients, here in Portugal, as well as in EMEA (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Abu Dhabi). I’m also a keen speaker at tech events and sponsor several MSc thesis on my main focus subjects.