EDA has transformed how F5 builds software services, enabling them to achieve greater scalability and cost savings by decoupling services. To develop optimal event-driven software, they are leveraging Solace, API gateways, and integration platforms utilizing a multi-protocol approach to combine the flexibility and resilience of API microservices with robust security measures while enabling advanced data analytics to drive insights and innovation. In this presentation, Pierne will discuss the critical role federated engineering plays in F5’s software development approach. He will demonstrate how they have successfully collaborated across teams, leveraging their diverse expertise to create comprehensive and balanced solutions. By adopting this collaborative approach, F5 has optimized the design and implementation of event-driven software, ensuring it meets the highest standards of functionality, scalability, and security.

Federated Engineering with Microservices and Integrations


Marc Pierne

Marc Pierne

Principal Solution Architect for Api and Integrations

F5 Networks

Marc is currently a Solution Architect for F5, bringing years of experience with a wide array of challenges and working with a diverse range of clients, including Google and Microsoft. His expertise in software engineering and solution architecture informs his creative solutions and innovative technical approaches to solving problems, with a special interest in the API and integration space.