Event-driven architecture enables customers to build highly responsive and performant systems that scale as your business grows. In this EDA Summit 2021 session, watch the CPO of Boomi, Ed Macosky, talk about Integration systems and how they should be designed with many of the same principles of EDAs as they are often the two engines which drive real-time business.

Ed also talks about how Boomi leverages Solace queues to deliver Atomsphere Go, one of Boomi’s biggest announcements this year that offers customers ever expanding capabilities to increase productivity, speed, and time-to-value all through an easy a-la-carte consumption model.

“One of the best ways to design your integrations is an EDA approach. In order to do that in a scalable way, Boomi has partnered with Solace to bring you enterprise-scale EDA integration support.”


Ed Macosky

Ed Macosky

Head of Product

Dell Boomi