Event Driven Business Architecture – there is a word in this session title that often gets overlooked when talking about Event Driven Architecture. Typically, we discuss benefits of EDAs like loose coupling, improved scalability, resilience or crossing vendor boundaries. These are mostly architectural benefits and, given, already make it worth it to use EDAs. For SAP the word that gets overlooked, Business, is highly crucial. Seventy plus percent of the worlds business transactions touch, in one way or another, an SAP system. SAP therefore looks at Event Driven Architecture in a broader, more business-oriented way. This session will highlight the difference the word Business makes and introduce how this difference reflects in SAP’s event-driven ecosystem.

Event Driven Business Architecture


Karsten Strothmann

Karsten Strothmann

Lead Product Manager


Karsten Strothmann is lead product manager and evangelist for SAP Integration Suite, advanced event mesh at SAP SE in Walldorf, Germany. He has more than 23 years of experience in the software industry in highly varied roles and currently works on event-driven architecture in and around the SAP ecosystem.