Event-based APIs are becoming more popular, enabling developers to craft new integrations and solutions that go beyond the original design of an API. But there remains a challenge: how can teams design thoughtful event-based APIs that are long-lasting, evolvable, and discoverable? In this talk, Higginbottom will dive into the design practices of event-based APIs, including tips for determining which protocol(s) you should select, which design patterns you should apply, and which anti-patterns you should avoid. He will also explain how AI and tools such as ChatGPT are starting to shape the next generation of APIs.

Event-Based API Patterns and Practices


James Higginbotham

James Higginbotham

Executive API Consultant


James Higginbotham is an Executive API Consultant and founder of LaunchAny, with experience in API strategy, software architecture, and training teams in API and microservice design. James guides enterprises through their digital transformation journey, ensuring alignment between business and technology through product-based thinking to deliver a great customer experience. James has published several titles, including his latest book, "Principles of Web API Design: Delivering Value with APIs and Microservices"