Event-based APIs are becoming more popular, enabling developers to craft new integrations and solutions that go beyond the original design of an API. Yet, there remains a challenge: how can teams design thoughtful event-based APIs that are long-lasting, evolvable, and discoverable?

In this EDA Summit 2021 session, James Higginbotham from LaunchAny dives into the design practices of event-based APIs, including tips for determining which protocol(s) you should select, design patterns you should apply, and anti-patterns should you should avoid.

“The enterprise platform is starting to evolve… it’s going from REST APIs on top of a data store to having these robust solutions at the top,” says James Higginbotham. “EDA and AsyncAPIs are absolutely the backbone of how this is going to happen.”


James Higginbotham

James Higginbotham

Executive API Consultant