To kick off EDA Summit 2022, event host Mark Jeffries welcomes a series of speakers to the virtual stage, including David Mooter (Forrester), Aaron Lee (Solace), Nicolas Verroit-Avenal (MARS), Denis King (Solace), Stefan Sigg (Software AG), Vikas Anand (Google Cloud Platform), Ed Macosky (Boomi), and Jeff Bradshaw (TELUS Agriculture).

Analyst David Mooter of Forrester shares some thoughts on the results of a 2021 EDA survey, and introduces an EDA maturity model that Forrester developed to help companies understand how far along they are. Find more stats from the survey here.

In the first of three “EDA in Action” segments, Solace developer advocate Aaron Lee demonstrates a “smart bus” system in Singapore that leverages IoT and smart topics to stream telemetry data for better planning and resource utilization. For more details, check out Aaron’s session “Smart Topics and Wildcards for the Event-Driven Future“.

In the second segment, Nicolas Verroit-Avenal from MARS explains an EDA-based supply chain transformation program called Polaris that’s helped them become more responsive and customer-centric.

Solace’s CEO Denis King hosts a small VIP panel about the relative maturity of various EDA-enabling tools and technologies featuring three seasoned EDA experts/executives from Software AG, Google, and Boomi.

For the final “EDA in Action” segment, Jeff Bradshaw with TELUS Agriculture talks about how they’ve used EDA to implement a “cold chain” solution that improve shelf life and reduces waste as perishable goods are shipped over long distances. Read more on this by visiting the blog post.


Mark Jeffries

Mark Jeffries

MC & Moderator