When implementing management and governance of API landscapes, the goal is to establish coherence across the landscape so designers and producers can more easily reuse design pattern and tooling, and API consumers can more easily understand APIs because they share design principles and building blocks. And in EDA environments, the boundaries between APIs are blurry anyways because event brokers are part of the landscape.

In this talk, Wilde will introduce CloudEvents and explain how it can help by establishing a vocabulary and representations for describing event data across events and event producers. He’ll discuss the standard itself and the most important vocabulary terms.

CloudEvents: One Event to Rule Them All


Erik Wilde

Erik Wilde

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Erik Wilde's mission is to help customers do the right things in the API and digital transformation space. Erik's background is in computer science. He holds a Ph.D. from ETH Zurich and spent some time as Professor at UC Berkeley before transitioning to industry. He has been working in a variety of software companies, always focusing on questions of architecture, strategy, and platforms. As his main focus, Erik is helping organizations with API strategy and execution to make sure that they are successful on their journeys.