All digital transformation projects have one thing in common: they produce lots of events, i.e. changes of state that can be recognized, transmitted, processed, and reacted to by applications across an enterprise. EDA is a more efficient way to handle such events in real-time, but it’s not just about technology, but also about business objectives. In 2020 HKJC began a multi year transformation journey, and the foundational layer is now in production use. In this talk, Tsoi will explain how to build an end-to-end EDA solution that can support up to 200,000 concurrent connected customers from the architecture, infrastructure, and solution design points of view.

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Building a Large Scale Low Latency EDA End-to-End Solution
Mandarin: Building a Large Scale Low Latency EDA End-to-End Solution


Stephen Tsoi

Stephen Tsoi

Senior Technical Manager, Enterprise Integration

Hong Kong Jockey Club

Stephen Tsoi is a Senior Technical Manager (Enterprise Integration) at The Hong Kong Jockey Club. He has designed and implemented low latency and high throughput event mesh infrastructure which has connected application systems from various business located in different network segments. He is working with development team to apply the EDA design on the new enhancement.