Organizations try to embrace event-driven architecture to modernize their applications with rich, interactive and real time user experience. In the heart of EDA, is an event backbone that hosts event streaming endpoints which emits and receives events of a set of topics. As the system evolves the number of topics/streams that’s being used in the system will grow exponentially, this demands more than an ad-hoc way of managing the topics and the endpoints.

API management practices are well established to manage REST endpoints, same principals can be applied for managing streaming endpoints as well. However, the asynchronous nature of communication in event streams require fundamental changes to certain aspects to the conventional methods of managing REST APIs.

This EDA Summit 2021 session by WSO2 discusses:

• Applicability of API Management principals in Event Driven Architecture
• How it’s different from conventional API Management and what changes are required in terms of design, communication semantics, security, and QoS policies
• Using AsyncAPI definitions to manage your APIs
• A practical example on how to design a Streaming API


Sajith Ravindra

Sajith Ravindra

Senior Technical Lead