In this talk, Beuzit will explain how Amadeus embraced EDA, and where they are in their journey. After a brief description of use cases, he will guide you through the steps of their progression: from discovery of Kafka / Kafka Streams to their first production implementation and the expansion of EDA across the company, sometimes relying on other technologies such as As part of this overview, Beuzit will give you a glimpse of some advanced patterns they implemented, an related challenges they presented. He will conclude by describing some challenges that await them in the months to come, with a special focus on their event mesh vision and why Solace PubSub+ is a promising approach for that.

Amadeus EDA journey


Serge Beuzit

Serge Beuzit



Currently System Architect at Amadeus I worked on release engineering, high availability application development, platform design, cloud computing and many other topics. Few years ago I specialized in event-driven and micro-service architectures and, as lead architect of the first Amadeus cloud native and event driven open platform, supported many projects in their move toward EDA. Outside of work, when not spending time with family and friends or traveling, I like to experiment with new technologies, hack connected objects or tinker with 3D printers.