There are several ways developers can code web applications to let users know about events of interest like bank deposits, emergency alerts and social media updates: connection to a WebSocket, subscription via HTTP, and the notification event pattern associated with EDA. Notification event pattern use small messages to indicate that something has changed, convey a reference to the changed data, and they can be provided to consumers through a subscription source or through a broker. Vidal will help you understand how notification event pattern works and its advantages in the areas of elasticity, scalability, interoperability and durability.

The Advantages of Alerting Users with Notification Event Pattern


Samuel David Roncal Vidal

Samuel David Roncal Vidal

Systems Engineer

Universidad Peruana Unión

Samuel Roncal is a systems engineer, 29 years old, Peruvian and Seventh-day Adventist. He loves to innovate in the software he develops, usually dedicated to building software for academic management processes. He started working as a data engineer in the banking sector for companies in Peru and Brazil. For the last 9 years he has been working at Universidad Peruana Union as Academic Software Coordinator. Samuel is member of the IEEE, he is passionate about technology and reading. He is currently building a framework to integrate Event Driven Architecture and Site Reliability Engineering to improve software performance