When working on API enablement projects in an enterprise context, the team inevitably comes to the point where new technologies and specifications need to be introduced. But how does one deal with this situa-tion in concrete terms? How many experiments are possible? How do you put the brakes on the emerging best practice euphoria? In this talk, Kocot will these points using AsyncAPI as an example to demonstrate a kind of “golden path” that can help you deal with such enablement situations in a more relaxed way.

Adopting AsyncAPI in Enterprise Contexts


Daniel Kocot

Daniel Kocot

Head of API Experience & Operations

codecentric AG

Daniel has been part of the codecentric team since October 2016. Since the beginning of 2022 he works as Senior Solution Architect at the Dortmund branch. Starting as a consultant with a focus on application lifecycle management, his focus shifted more and more towards APIs. In addition to numerous customer projects and his involvement in the open source world around APIs, our Head of API Experience & Operations is also a frequent speaker at conferences.