Opening Keynote

Mark Jeffries; Mychelle Mollot, Solace; Denis King, Solace; Ed Macosky, Boomi; Vikas Anand, Google; Stefan Sigg, Software AG; David Mooter, Forrester

Special Keynote

Commander Chris Hadfield, CSA & NASA

Technical Leadership and Use-Case Track

  • Telus Agriculture: Enabling more efficient Production with EDA
    Jeff Bradshaw, Telus Agriculture
  • Gaining a Competitive Edge with Event-Driven Intelligent Automation
    Maureen Fleming, IDC
  • University of California: The Journey to EDA, a Case Study
    Adam Flanders, University of California
  • EDA: Powering Decision Making with Space and Time
    Nadine Alameh, Open Geospatial Consortium
  • Real Time Luxury Retail with EDA, Event Mesh
    Sumeet Goenka & Christopher Soop, Richemont
  • Reimagining Integration with APIs and Events
    Suresh Babu Jaganathan, Roche
  • One Organization’s Transformation to EDA
    Ernest Stormann, Kroger
  • Event-Driven Always On Digital Experience for Customers
    Abhishek Seth, Citi
  • How Mars is Using EDA to Modernize its Supply Chain
    Nicolas Verroit-Avenel
  • Fireside Chat with Shiv Bhasin, COO/CTO of the National Stock Exchange of India
    Shiv Bhasin, NSE & Sumeet Puri, Solace
  • Finding Solutions with Event-Driven Architecture
    Franklin Antony, Digital Dubai
  • How EDA Fits in With the Agile Model for Design, Development, Testing, and Deployment
    Stephen Tsoi, Hong Kong Jockey Club

Architect Track 1

  • Kafka Mesh: Solving the 6 challenges You’ll Face When Connecting Kafka to Operational Assets
    Sumeet Puri, Solace
  • Treating Events as Products: the Convergence of EDA and APIs
    David Mooter, Forrester
  • The Case for a Unified API and Event Strategy
    Vikas Anand, Google
  • Accelerate Digital Agility in Retail with Asynchronous API Management
    Jochen Traunecker, Solace
  • Pre-requisites and Patterns for EDA Adoption: Smoothing the Path to Event Thinking and the Vision of the Real-time Enterprise
    Jasper Van Rijn, Drax Group
  • Event API Management: Secure & Mediate Events for Any Client Protocol
    Linus Hakansson, Gravitee
  • How EDA Can Simplify SAP System Integration
    Peter Holtkamp, ASAPIO
  • ANZ Payment’s EDA Journey
    Eknath Vashishtha, ANZ
  • Event-Enable Your Local SAP Systems
    Peter Kreiner-Sasady, Invixo Consulting A/S
  • Event Driven Architecture in the Context of a Large Telco
    Dr. Sudhir Mittal, Airtel
  • How We Built Ahab: An Event-Driven Apache Beam-based Java Application That Supports Real-time Trading Decisions
    Sachar de Vries, Grasshopper
  • Thinking Asynchronously: Application Integration Patterns for Microservices
    Rebekah Kulidzan, AWS

Architect Track 2

  • Enterprise Messaging Service The Novartis EDA Journey
    Venkatraman Naganathan, Novartis
  • PANEL: When will Flow Architecture Be Real?
    Clemens Vasters, Microsoft; James Urquhart, Redhat; Jesse Messing, Solace
  • Powering Your Real-Time, Event-Driven Enterprise with PubSub+ Platform (Sponsor Session)
    Shawn McAllister, Solace
  • Event-Driven Integrations at Scale
    Ed Macosky, Boomi
  • Transform, Innovate and Adapt : Architecting Digitization at Scale
    Neil Marini, Independent Consultant
  • Extending Digital Applications Using Event Mesh
    Sowmya Moni & Vandana Digra, Incture
  • Software AG Sponsored Session
    Subhash Ramachandran, Software AG
  • Data Mesh Meets Event Mesh
    Matt Aslett, Ventana Research
  • 5G and the IoT Edge Mesh
    Manoj Prassana Kumar, Singtel
  • Best Practices for Event Enabling ​your Enterprise Integration Platform
    David Mooter, Forrester
  • Event-Driven Flows with AsyncAPI and Go
    Marius Ileana, Signicat

Developer Track

  • Apache Kafka, Simply Explained
    Olena Kusenko, Aiven
  • EDA-Based Architectural Patterns to Decompose Monoliths into Microservices Using AWS Services
    Parnab Basak, AWS
  • Camel K Cloud-Native EDA Data Collector to Help Cross-Team Collaboration
    Bruno Meseguer, Red Hat
  • Increasing Accessibility of BIM360 Through a Solace Event Broker
    Xiangyu Chen, Carleton University
  • How an Event-driven Architecture Changed the Way I Design Software
    Samuel Roncal Vidal, Universidad Peruana Union
  • Event Sourcing and Behavior Driven Development (BDD): A Perfect Fit
    Bertil Muth, HOOD GmbH
  • Getting Started with AsyncAPI: How to Describe Your Kafka Cluster
    Dale Lane & Nic Townsend, IBM
  • DevTalk Panel: Solving Real-World Problems with Solace PubSub+ Cloud and EDA
    Ali Pourshahid, Alex Pulbere, James Ellwood, Kevin Lidstone, Julian Setiawan (Solace)
  • Building Real-Time Data Analytics Infrastructure with Solace
    Dunith Dhanushka, StarTree
  • Hustle and Flow
    Ian Cooper, Just Eat Takeaway

Closing Keynote – The Future of EDA & Networking Event